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Lubecki Soft Laser (Item Id: L100)

L100 Low Level Laser

The soft laser is the most modern and the most effective form of therapy discovered to date. It is widely used in Europe and increasing numbers of doctors in America are also beginning to avail themselves of this form of therapy. With the help of electro-diagnosis and muscle-testing, two new diagnostic methods which are far more accurate in many respects than traditional diagnostic procedures, European researchers have been able to discover that the soft laser has incredible therapeutic effects.

Price: $1225

Homeopathic Imprinter (Item Id: hi-001)

Homeopathic Imprinter

Since your hand has all the vibrations in your body, if you place your fingers on the Input plate and the Homeopathic Remedy Box on the Output plate the Homeopathic Potentizer appears to imprint all the vibrations in your body on the remedy, but they are potentized thousands of times. As a result, since the remedy has the imprint of the vibrations of everything that is in your body—bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.— when you place it on your person – in a pants or shirt pocket – it is believed to remove all these offending entities from your body in just a matter of a few minutes or so. See below for purchasing the Homeopathic Remedy Box separately.

Price:   $495

Ionic Foot Bath (Commercial Quality)

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

When a person holds their feet in the water the ions pass through the skin into the blood and the oxygen ions are carried to all parts of the body combined with metabolic waste in the tissues. The oxidized waste then pass out through the skin back into the water in the foot bath removing toxic wastes.

Price: $2500

Homeopathic Remedy Box (Item Id: hrb-1)

Homeopathic Remedy Detox Box

Used with the Homeopathic Imprinter (see above), this small plastic remedy box contains lactic acid as a medium for storing the vibrations generated by the Imprinter, potentized thousands of times. When this is done, which only takes a few seconds , the vibrations of everything that is in your body—bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.— when placed on your person – say a pants or shirt pocket – it is believed to remove all the offending entities from your body. Results are sometimes seen in a few minutes, although other problems may take several days.

If you purchase the Imprinter, you may want to purchase one additional Homeopathic Remedy Box for each person in your family, or friends who wish to be treated, since each box would contain their own unique vibrational “signature”.

For instructions on how to use the Homeopathic Imprinter, click here .

Price:   $20

Homeopathic Remedy Allergy Desensitization (Item Id: harb-1)

Homeopathic Remedy Allergy Desensitization Box

This fully sealed Homeopathic remedy box comes pre-programmed with many hundreds of vibrational signatures of the most common allergens. Note: it does NOT contain the allergens themselves. Only their vibrational imprints, potentized thousands of times. It can be used to relieve the symptoms of allergies often within seconds or minutes, although some may take several days. It also does NOT require the Imprinter, so it can be purchased separately. Note that it is possible to become “de-programmed” if it comes in contact with strong electrical or magnetic interference. If that ever happens Lubecki Wellness Center will re-program it for $8. Just stick stick it in an envelope and mail it to us.

For instructions on how to use the Homeopathic Remedy Allergy Desensitization Box, click .

Price:   $20

Book: End Cancer (Paperback) (Item Id: eoc-10)
eoc-10 End Cancer Book
This book by Author John Lubecki, describes how we can put an End to Cancer and many other conditions. New non-invasive approaches make sickness virtually impossible. This recent research examines the newest discoveries by European holistic researchers on how to rid your body of cancer caused by parasites and toxins. This book is intended for educational use.

Price: $20

Miscellaneous Item (Item Id: MISC-1)


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