How to Stop an Allergic Reaction Immediately By Using Acupressure Tapping

It has been long known of a simple, natural technique to stop a true allergy almost immediately by using a modified form of acupressure. The technique goes like this:

  • Hold the suspected allergen in one hand
  • With the other closed fist, forcefully tap on the mid-line of the chest (or back), from approximately below the throat to a few inches above the belly button.

It’s only necessary to do this for about 15 seconds, and the results should be apparent immediately, or at the most a few minutes. The allergy symptoms can completely or partially. If they don’t disappear completely, repeat the process one or two more times. And by the way, it can even be enclosed in a box, bottle, jar or other container. It need not touch the skin of the hand. For instance, if you are allergic to tomato juice, you can hold a unopened bottle of tomato juice and it will work as well as holding an actual tomato. It is unknown why this is possible, but it works.

This technique uses the Chinese Meridian points (often used in acupuncture and acupressure) to trigger a release of blocked energy from the nerve cells that are in the chest area. Chinese Medicine has always contended that all disease can be reversed if the small amounts of electrical energy that flows on the skin of the body is not blocked.

The limitation with this technique as you notice is that it requires a small amount of the allergen must be in the other hand. And often the patient may not have the allergen handy, may not know which allergen is causing the symptom, or is allergic to multiple allergens making it time consuming to do all of them.

This is where the white Allergy Desensitization Remedy Box can be used very effectively in many cases.

The Allergy Desensitization Remedy Box

About the size of a key fob, this fully sealed Homeopathic remedy box comes pre-programmed with many hundreds of vibrational signatures of the most common allergens. Note: it does NOT contain the allergens themselves. Only their vibrational imprints, potentized thousands of times. It can be used to relieve the symptoms of allergies often within seconds or minutes, although some may take several days. It also does NOT require the Imprinter, so it can be purchased separately and used by itself. Note that it is possible for this unit to become “de-programmed” if it comes in contact with strong electrical or magnetic interference. If that ever happens Lubecki Wellness Center will re-program it for $8. Just stick stick it in an envelope and mail it to us.

By using the principles of Homeopathic Vibrations, we have programmed the medium inside the Remedy Box with just under 1000 of the most common allergens.

The chest-tapping technique described can now be done just once and the patient can be de-sensitized to hundreds of allergens and potential allergens with one quick treatment, simply by holding the Allergy Remedy Box in the other hand.

If the person has a particular allergen not imprinted in the remedy box, there will be no benefit. Although as stated, the tapping technique works without the Remedy Box if you can hold the allergen (if you know and have it) in one hand.

Experience shows however, that seldom are people allergic to only one specific allergen. So this Homeopathic Remedy Box can at least easily de-sensitize a person to a vast majority of common allergens all at once.

Understand the box contains no actual allergens. It is impossible for the enclosed plastic box to trigger an allergy. It is only the vibrational signatures of allergens that are electronically stored in the Remedy Box.

What if nothing happens?

Sometimes it is suspected that what gets accused of being a true allergy is not that at all, but instead a very sensitive, very low-level infection. Being a low-level infection, here may be almost no high temperature usually found with infections. In these cases, the tapping technique above will not work. But use of the Homeopathic Imprinter can kill the low-level infection on the spot. See info on the Homeopathic Imprinter elsewhere on this website.