Arm Paralysis Reverses

When we were on vacation in May of 1995 my son David suddenly noticed that his right arm was becoming weak. There was no pain or discomfort of any kind, just unexplainable weakness. By next day when he woke up David found that his arm was completely paralyzed. It just hung by his side motionless. There was no loss of sensation but complete loss of strength. He could not so much as move even one finger.

When we returned home we, immediately took our son to the family M.D. The doctor examined him but could find nothing wrong, so he referred him to a specialist. The specialist examined him once again and then he could not find any reason for the paralysis he referred him to a neurologist. This doctor immediately ordered an MRI and a CT scan but both these were negative and have no clues as to the cause of the paralysis. The doctor could not understand what was wrong and he, gave my son a couple of drugs to take. When the drugs did not help he said that we should be patient and that probably the paralysis would go away on its own.

When nothing happened for another two months we decided to go to Sacramento to see Dr. Lubecki who is a chiropractor. Dr Lubecki had helped me with other problems and we hoped that he could perhaps find a pinched nerve which was causing the paralysis. Dr. Lubecki examined David and said that he had cadmium toxicity which was causing the paralysis. He placed David under the soft laser which he said would remove the cadmium. There was an immediate improvement and the very next day David noticed that he had some slight movement in his hand. Within three weeks all strength had returned and normal function was back. There were no side effects and no further problems.

A year has now passed and David is back to sports and weight lifting

Nancy Heiss
May 14 1996

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