Baby Born with Brain Cyst

Our son was born with a large cyst in his brain. It extended from the corpus callossum to the brain surface. This cyst was pressing on two of the ventricles and inhibiting brain growth. Outwardly, our son’s development was slow. At ten months old he was not sitting, grabbing or paying attention to his surroundings. He showed little response when spoken to and appeared to be in a semiconscious state.

The doctors said that there was serious danger the cyst would cause permanent brain damage and it was decided to remove it surgically. The operation was scheduled for the end of May and would cost over a hundred thousand dollars. Of this the insurance company would pay about a hundred and ten thousand while we would have to pay the rest.

Since the cyst was very large and located in the center of the brain, the doctors warned us that the surgery could cause permanent brain damage. However, they said that there was no choice because the cyst would probably destroy our son’s brain anyhow.

In late April we were referred to Dr. Lubecki by a nutritionist who was trying to help our son with a special diet and, on faith, we began our son’s treatments on the soft laser. Dr. Lubecki checked him and found that he had unusually high levels of lead, aluminum, and other poisonous chemicals in his body. He said that these toxic substances could be removed with the soft laser and the homeopathic remedies.

Within a week we began to see a difference in our son’s behavior. He began to babble more and became more vocal in his demands for attention. When we changed to laser treatments twice daily the improvement became drastically better.

Because of this unexpected improvement the surgery was delayed and a second MRI and CT scan were performed in July. The doctors could not believe it when they found that the cyst had shrunk to half its original size. Our son now appears quite normal and all outward signs of the presence of the cyst have ceased. He sits a lot and even tries to stand. He smiles, laughs, and talks a lot and shows a lot of interest in his surroundings. He is very friendly towards other children and strangers and shows a lot of love for us. He has become an exceptionally good looking, friendly, and intelligent child.
Another MRI has been scheduled in about six months from now, but, at least for the time being, the surgery has been put off indefinitely.

(Name withheld upon request)

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