Back Pain Gone after 18 years… in One Visit

About twenty three years ago I was involved in an accident on my motorbike. Following this accident, I had continuous back pain which did not respond to any of the treatments which various doctors tried on me. I was first taken to a hospital where they took x-rays and recommended physical therapy and pain medications.

After that I had literally hundreds of treatments at the physical therapy clinic and also adjustments by a number of chiropractors. The adjustments did not hold so they had to be repeated, sometimes as often as several times a week. These adjustments did give some short term relief, but often I would misalign again before leaving the doctor’s office. In all I had several hundred adjustments, but the pain never stopped. I was never free of discomfort.

In March of 2000 a friend told me about Dr. Lubecki who has a chiropractic office in Fair Oaks, California. Dr. Lubecki adjusted my skull and atlas vertebra and I walked out of his office entirely pain free. Five years have now passed and I have no back pain whatsoever.

Dale Burlinson
July 22, 2005

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