Brain Tumor in Toddler

Brain Tumor Symptoms in Toddler Recede in One Visit

In October 2009 my two-year-old daughter, Alicia, was diagnosed at the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University, with a brain tumor in the area of the Pons — that is at the top of the brain stem and in the center of the brain. The tumor measured 5x4x2 cm. We were told that Alicia’s life expectancy was probably about three months at the most, unless she was given radiation treatments. If she did have radiation she might live as long as a year.

She was put on steroids for pain management and also to give her energy and to reduce the swelling and inflammation. On the container it warned us the steroids would also suppress the immune system.

After a lot of anxiety we finally decided not to go through with the radiation treatments and try to support her body’s ability to heal through detoxing and natural foods.

We now went to the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. And in December 2009 we started to gradually take her off the prescribed medications.

In June of 2010 we were down to 1/6 of the prescribed dose of steroids when Alicia suddenly lost a lot of energy and, she started sleeping most of the day. She lost her appetite and ate nothing during two days.

At that point we were referred to Dr. John Lubecki in Fair Oaks, California, by our business sponsor John Eagle Freedom, who had met Dr. Lubecki at a health convention in Chicago.

When we arrived at Dr. Lubecki’s Alicia had not walked in months and she seemed to be in a rapid state of decline, she had not eaten in over two days, she could no longer hold her head up, one of her eyes “crossed,” and she could hardly move or moan because of pain.

That very day, after the first series of treatments — the low level laser, the homeopathic imprinter, the ionic foot bath and the magnetic bed — she took her first bite of food and she regained more consciousness, and has been progressing and feeling better all the time.

Alicia has now been entirely off the medications and steroids for over two months, her eyes are straight again, she is becoming stronger, has more energy, she is eating really well and slowly gaining weight. She is also sleeping well, she is seldom in pain except for brief periods, and she is even slowly regaining her desire to walk, with my help. We are tremendously thankful to Dr. Lubecki for all that he has done for us.

We feel so blessed to have found him at the time we did.

Bani Khalsa

Update on Alicia as of 02/2011

Alicia is continuing to heal. She is getting stronger and stronger. It seems to be a slow but sure recovery. In fact both of her eyes can move in all directions now which is new, after the left eye uncrossed it didn’t seem to be able to look in the left direction. Just recently her eyes are now moving together to the left. Neurologically this seems to be big progress. Also just today she was standing against the wall on her own and started rocking back and forth on her feet and tip toes. She is also sitting on her own much steadier for longer and can even sit in a low back highchair for as long as she needs too. We are all so amazed at her strength, will and determination. We still see Dr Lubecki several times a week and stick to a simple fresh healing diet and daily wheat grass regimen that we learned at Hippocrates Health Institute. We are all delighted that Healing is not only possible; it is simple and sure, thank God.

Lots of love


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