Breast Lump Disappears

In the Spring of 2009 I went to visit Dr. Lubecki after discovering a lump in my left breast. I am 55 years old and never had anything like this so was pretty alarmed. This lump was the size of a silver dollar and was relatively hard. It hadn’t changed in size and I’d had it’ for ‘about a month. When l first discovered this lump I remembered something I’d read in a book called Radical Medicine by Louisa Williams. She spoke about a situations when there is a diagnosis of left breast cancer, and there is an upper left second bicuspid tooth that has a root canal filled with mercury amalgam with a gold crown over it, that in biological dental circles this is called a corpse in a golden coffin and is a true “code blue” (emergency). The need for expedient removal is quite clear. I did have a root canal as described above, but in a lower left molar. That was close enough for me to be concerned. I’d had this root canal for more than 30 years. It had been bothering me, for some time, but I had put off going to the dentist. In the meantime, a friend of mine had urged me to visit Dr. Lubecki.

Dr. Lubecki explained to me that my tumor was caused by nickel, most likely from the gold crown on my tooth and from jewelry. He said that nickel was used by researchers to create tumors in rats so that they could study cancer. He had me lay under something called a soft laser for 10 minutes. He explained that at a particular setting, the laser would nullify the effects of the nickel, and that this treatment was absolutely essential for detoxifying the nickel and mercury that were present in my body from my dental materials. He also introduced me to a “homeopathic imprinter” which I took home with me and continue to use. One of the many things that this would do was detoxify other heavy metals such as
cadmium and aluminum, which I learned are in ‘many foods and body products and things from our environment. It also would kill bacteria, viruses, parasites and neutralize toxic chemicals. I knew I was dealing with some very nasty bacteria in my root canal as well.

I was at his office for about 3 hours learning about various tools for detoxifying and improving my energy and immune system. Dr. Lubecki assured me that my body had the power to heal itself as long as I got rid of the heavy metals and other contaminants. He advised that I continue to use the homeopathic imprinter after, every meal, at least, and even more often. He thought it would be a good idea to periodically use the soft laser. The day after I saw him, my breast lump shrank to the size of a dime! This was quite dramatic and really got my attention. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling! I used the homeopathic imprinter daily and kept feeling my left breast. After just a few more weeks the now tiny lump was completely gone and everything was soft. I had one more treatment with the soft laser just to make sure. Needless to say I had the root canal pulled and three amalgams replaced. By the time I did that, however, my breast was back to normal. It is now a year since I first discovered that lump and I am very happy to say that I am fine. I am continuing to use the homeopathic imprinter and have had some amazing things happen as a result.

(name withheld upon request)

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