Breast Lumps Disappear

October 28, 1996

Kaiser contacted me about my ‘fibro-cystic’ breast lumps. Seems that in my last physical, one of my lumps in my always lumpy breasts was larger than any of the others, so they called for mammograms and sent me off to the surgeon. Fortunately, the surgeon is a woman doctor, and is excellent. When I saw her, she said that the mammograms looked good. She had read them, and then she had sent them to the radiologist for reading by another specialist. All looked good, so we went into a waiting period to see if my lump would get bigger. She rechecked twice and it was still the same size, but she was still concerned and so did an ‘aspiration.’ This is where they go in with a syringe and extract some cells. When the lab tests came back, they were also negative, meaning no bad cells had been detected. However, on my next check-up with her, since my lump was still larger than the others, she was still concerned and now wanted to do a biopsy. We agreed to make another appointment for 2 months from last week (when I last saw her), and if it was still the same size or larger, then we would biopsy. I am to call her if I notice it getting larger or becoming increasingly tender in the interim.

In the meantime, my friend Tara made me make an appointment with Dr. John Lubecki, an alternative health doctor in Fair Oaks, just north of Sacramento. So I went to see him on Saturday. He tested me using muscle testing, then did some homeopathic remedies and ‘soft laser’ treatment to remove toxins, and then took some neck x-rays, and adjusted my neck using a non-violent, non-cracking method, and gave me some homeopathic remedies to take with me. We spent the night in Sacramento, and as we drove home on Sunday, I sat in the passenger seat amazed as I tested my breasts over and over again, and the tenderness was gone from all but two lumps. Now, four days later, all but the outer couple of lumps have disappeared, and the outer two are very much smaller in size.

So, please make an appointment, and bring all your supplements and all your medicines.

His name is Dr. John Lubecki, 7405 Winding Way, Fair Oaks, CA (916) 966-7395. Good route from the San Francisco area: Take highway 80, then to highway 50, get off at Sunrise, head under the freeway (left) to Winding Way, then left on Winding Way. His office will be on the right-hand side on the corner of Winding Way and San Juan.

Easy to find! Well worth the drive and the money and the time!! Certainly can’t hurt, and it is much better than taking more prescriptions to mask the symptoms but never treat the cause of what is doing these things to you!

November 21, 1996

(Followup post)

I’ve been to see Dr. Lubecki twice. The lumps in my left breast have completely disappeared, and all but one or two in the right breast are also gone. My energy level keeps increasing, and my general health is terrific.

I sent a guy from work to see Dr. Lubecki with his wife, who was having major thyroid problems after the medical profession gave her radioactive iodine to kill the thyroid after Graves Disease, and they both are feeling much better than before their visits, and have thanked me many times for suggesting that they visit Dr. Lubecki.

I recommend Dr. Lubecki for anyone with ANY kind of health challenge. Bring all your medicines and supplements, and makeup and health products with you. Also, prepare a list of all the major and minor things that are bothering you. The cost for my first visit was about $300, which included some of his books and a good number of homeopathic remedies that I was to take at home. My subsequent visit was much less and the total bill was $140 which included about $90 worth of homeopathic supplements and herbal supplements.

December 12, 1996

(Followup Post)

I had a recheck with the Kaiser surgeon today, and my lumps are all gone!! She asked me how I did it, and I gave her a copy of this testimony I have been logging!!

January 14, 1997

(Followup post)

To date I have had no additional appointments for me, although I have taken my children and friends to see Dr. Lubecki several times!

I’ve sent several folks to see him, including one of my friends with multiple problems and another who is having the post-polio weaknesses. Both of them are doing better under his care than they had been doing under orthodox care or even other un-orthodox care.

I recommend Dr. Lubecki to anyone and everyone experiencing problems. Since I have no major (or minor) problems, he suggested that I see him again in 6 months for a recheck. If I had some major health challenges, I’m sure that I would need to see him more frequently.

Check it out for yourself!!
Carol H. Coltan

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