Chest Pain Continually for 2 Years

About two years ago I woke up in the morning and noticed a dull pain in the right side of my chest. When the pain would not go away after about three or four weeks I went to my family doctor. He examined me but could see no reason for the pain, so he ordered blood tests. When the blood tests appeared to show nothing my doctor told me to go to the hospital.

Over the next two years the doctors at the hospital did numerous tests—MRIs, CT scans, radioactive tests, angiograms, blood tests and others—but no matter how hard they tried they could not find any reason for my pain. The pain was constant and gradually became worse. On a scale of 1-10 it was about a 4, but sharp and about a 6 or 7 when I turned to the right. It interfered with my sleep and caused me to become very depressed and hopeless. I had lost all hope that doctors could help me and began thinking that there was something very wrong.

About three weeks ago I was waiting for a friend and walked into a used book store. As I looked through the books I was strangely attracted to an old, blue book entitled Better Health Through Body Balancing by Dr. John Lubecki. It was published in 1981 and it was badly worn and scratched up. Someone had done a lot of highlighting making the book look even more untidy. But the price was only fifty cents so I decided to buy it. When I showed the book to my daughter she said that it was written by a chiropractor in Fair Oaks and he was still in practice.

I called Dr. Lubecki on a Sunday at nine in the morning intending to leave a message, but to my surprise he answered himself and when he heard my story he asked me to come in to his office after lunch. He examined me and said that I had an infection and chronic, low grade pneumonia. He said that that was probably the reason for the pain and that he could get rid of it with the homeopathic imprinter and the ionic foot bath. To my great surprise and relief after three treatments the pain of over two years was gone and it has not come back.

Barbara Kerfoot

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