Compression Fracture Pain for 12 Years

Back in 1982 I had an industrial accident that caused a compression fracture of my lower back (L-5). For about nine months I was told there was no observable problem. My family finally insisted on my going to a chiropractor in Washington State who diagnosed my problem after X-raying me this time in a standing position. By this time the fracture had partially healed. I was very lucky in that the chiropractor was able to restore most of my motor functions after extensive treatments. I was then seen by several M.D.’s including one of the finest neurosurgeons in the Pacific Northwest. After reviewing my file, he determined that there were three distinct areas that ‘could’ be operated on, but that the damage was so extensive he was not willing to do surgery. He was concerned that partial paralysis would result. In his opinion, I could only live a very sedentary life and that I could become a paraplegic at any time.

With this cheerful diagnosis, I prepared for a life of pain and inactivity. For the next 12 years that was indeed how my life progressed. I was in chronic pain with frequent bouts of acute pain that would cause me to be bedridden for weeks at a time. This was all the doctors could do except to recommend narcotic painkillers and fit me with TENS unit to try to manage the worst of the symptoms.

In 1994, my fiancée suggested I see Dr. John Lubecki. After two atlas adjustments and a mineral maintenance program the doctor prescribed, I have not only been pain free, I have also been able to practice martial arts for the last year. The traditional medical community had told me my case was hopeless, and John Lubecki cured me in two visits! I cannot express how grateful and gratified I am to have found John Lubecki. Thanks to him I lead a life today that I never dreamed would be possible.

Very sincerely yours,

Brian G. Gumm

2215 Burney Way

Sacramento, CA 95821

(916) 649-8944

May 10, 1996

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