Diabetic Foot Infection

I have been a diabetic for the last 35 years, I am now 45.

In 1999 I was walking on the beach when I stepped on some broken glass. My foot became infected and I had surgery to remove the glass. However, the wound did not heal and remained infected for eleven months. Six months later I had another operation to ‘lift’ my metatarsal bones which the doctor said had ‘dropped.’ During the next three years hardly a week passed that I did not have to go to Emergency to the hospital to be given more antibiotics and pain killers.

In June 2003 the infection became so bad that the doctors decided to remove my small toe. Following the surgery the infection could not be controlled and I spent 13 days in ICU at a cost of over $80,000.00 dollars. My foot took 10 months to heal.

One year later it became infected under the big toe and when antibiotics were not able to control the infection my big toe was removed in June of 2004. It took one year to heal. I was in a wheelchair all this time and had to use crutches. The pressure of the crutches on the arteries in my armpit was so painful and interfered so badly with the circulation in my arm that on one occasion I passed out and was unconscious for several minutes.

In June of 2005 my entire foot became badly infected, black and very swollen. My doctor wanted to amputate but another doctor said he would try by-pass surgery to improve the circulation to the foot and then ‘perhaps the body would be able to control the infection.’ However, soon after the surgery the vein which they had used to replace the artery in my thigh collapsed. Tests showed that there was practically no circulation in my foot. The antibiotics were not working and the infection became so bad that doctors said it was too late to amputate. They said that the infection could reach my heart at any moment and when this happened it would kill me at once. However, a few days later the doctors changed their minds and said that the only way to save me was to amputate both my legs since the other leg would probably become infected sooner or later. This had to be done in stages to ‘give the infected blood time to drain.’ They would first cut my legs off below the ankles, then just above the ankles and lastly below the knees.

During the entire six years, since my first infection, I went to the hospital emergency at least once a week to be given more antibiotics and other drugs. By June of 2005 I was on eleven different medications: morphine for pain, Coumadin to think my blood, and Dilaudid to stop me from going crazy, etc.

In June of 2005 a friend told me of Dr. Lubecki and suggested that I go and see him. Dr. Lubecki said that the homeopathic imprinter would immediately put an end to the infection and the ionic foot bath would take all the poison and swelling out of my foot. He said that it would be very easy to restore my foot back to normal.

This indeed turned out to be true and there has been a steady improvement ever since the first treatment. I have not taken any more drugs since the beginning, the huge hole I had in my heel is no longer there, the swelling is about 90% better, the leg is no longer black and for the first time in six years I am again able to wear regular shoes. I no longer have to use crutches or use a wheelchair, and I hope to be able to resume living a normal life again in two to three months. I was once a car salesman and I used to make a very good salary.

About three weeks ago they did more tests to check the circulation and found that the blood flow in my foot is now over 60% and the bypass, which collapsed previously, has opened again and allows about 60% blood flow.

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