Fibromyalgia Gone in One Visit

I first began having muscle soreness and stiffness about ten years ago. When this did not go away, I went to several medical doctors for checkups and advice. They suggested pain medications and rest. Instead of stopping, my condition gradually worsened, so I went to a specialist. He examined me and told me I had fibromyalgia. He gave me some prescriptions and told me to take Vicodin. The pain did not change, so I went back to the same doctor a month later. This time he told me to increase the doses and suggested trying hypnosis. I had several sessions, but without result. Instead of decreasing, the pain increased. I tried another specialist. He gave me more prescriptions and after a few visits sent me to an acupuncturist. This did nothing. I went to many other doctors, general practitioners, and specialists, but without result. My pain kept getting worse. I then tried biofeedback sessions, but this also did not help. By 1998, I was having so much pain I could hardly move. I also began having terrible headaches. I spent most of my time either in bed or in a “day bed.” I could not sit. I rubbed my aching joints with Flexol and this did give some temporary relief. I also used muscle relaxants and pain killing medications. The pain in my shoulders became agonizing and my legs hurt so that I could hardly walk. As a result of the inactivity and depression I gained over fifty pounds and became terribly unfit. I could not bend my knees. My joints became stiff and my movements were alarmingly limited.

About three weeks ago, a friend told me that there was a fibromyalgia group meeting at the Barnes & Noble bookstore. The speaker was Dr. Lubecki, a local chiropractor. He explained that fibromyalgia is only a symptom of sensitivities and modern chemical poisoning from foods and the environment. He said that this could be easily corrected with the homeopathy and NAET.

I went to see Dr. Lubecki the following Thursday and to my complete amazement walked out of his office pain free. After four days some of the pain returned, but after another treatment I was free of pain again. Two days after that I had some pain again, but once again I was free of pain after a treatment. Since then a week has passed and I have had no more pain. After so many years of hurting, it feels strange to be without pain. But, I just can’t tell you how wonderful it is.


Carolyn Minick

Fair Oaks, Ca

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