Foot Swelling Pain Gone

In December my left foot became so painful that I had to give up all of my activities. I had to stop going to college and also had to stop the job which I had taken to finance me through college. My foot soon swelled up to above the ankle and became purple and blue.

I consulted a total of five specialists and one acupuncturist herbologist. None of these doctors could find out what was wrong. An MRI and a CT scan, taken at the hospital, showed nothing and after five months of forced inactivity I began losing hope that I would ever be well again. One doctor said that he thought I had gout and another said that I may have had food poisoning. But, neither of these doctors made any suggestions as to what I could do.

I became desperate and to get my mind off my problems I travelled to Sacramento, California to visit my Aunt Nina. She told me that she had had good results with Dr. Lubecki, a local chiropractor. She insisted that I go see him and made an appointment for the next day. I was unwilling to go since I felt that this would be just another waste of time. I had seen several top specialists without any results so how could this chiropractor possibly help me. I did everything I could to dissuade my aunt from going to the chiropractor and in the end I even said that I absolutely refused to do so.

But, my aunt who is bigger than me insisted, so we went anyhow. Dr. Lubecki examined me for about one minute and said that my problem was caused by herbicide poisoning. I thought he must be crazy, but agreed to sit under the soft laser which he said would remove the poisons. After only one treatment of about ten minutes I felt better almost at once and within two days, to my utter amazement, all the pain was gone. I have returned to the college and to my job and have not had any further trouble.

Shannon Fuller
451 Newbridge Road
East Meadow, New York

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