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Soft Laser Therapy

The healing properties of laser therapy speeds up recovery tremendously but sometimes it may even make it possible to help patients with conditions for which there was no cure in the past!
The soft laser is the most modern and the most effective form of therapy discovered to date. It is widely used in Europe and increasing numbers of doctors in America are also beginning to avail themselves of this form of therapy. With the help of electro-diagnosis and muscle-testing, two new diagnostic methods which are far more accurate in many respects than traditional diagnostic procedures, European researchers have been able to discover that the soft laser has the following effects:

1. When set at frequencies of 14 or lower the laser beam has a powerful healing effect on soft tissues such as muscles or tendons and especially on bones and teeth.
2. When set at a frequency of 33 or higher the laser removes or neutralizes heavy metals and many chemicals and it also kills viruses.

Since the soft laser beam removes or neutralizes cadmium, nickel and mercury, the three most carcinogenic metals, for a long time it was used successfully in treating cancer patients. Cadmium is the most dangerous since it is believed to be many times more toxic that even lead or aluminum. German doctors found that once the above three poisonous metals had been removed cancer patients would automatically recover and their tumors were reabsorbed by the body. In most cases all that was needed was one treatment with the soft laser.
Unfortunately this is no longer true because cadmium, one of the most toxic and carcinogenic substance, has now appeared in so many goods that it is almost impossible to have a meal without becoming contaminated with cadmium. As a result the soft laser can no longer help by itself. To keep the body free of chemical contamination the new homeopathic detox method has be also used after every meal. It should be clearly understood, however, that the homeopathic detox method cannot remove nickel from dental restorations or jewelry, this has to done with the soft laser. The same applies to the mercury in silver fillings.