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Homeopathic Imprinter

Homeopathic Imprinter

Homeopathic Remedy Box


Using the newly discovered principles of Vibrational Medicine, the Homeopathic Imprinter is natural, safe, and non-invasive. It causes no pain or discomfort. By combining with the basic principles of Homeopathy, the imprinter records the vibrational signature of the body, including the various harmful pathogens, amplifies these vibrations many times over, and using a type of bio-feedback to the body, stimulates the body to return to balance. Much of this new exciting technology of Energy Medicine originated in Europe, where they discovered how resonance homeopathy can harmonize the entire being. The belief is that the amplified resonance attacks pathogens immediately. You can think of it somewhat like the way an opera singer shatters glass by hitting a high enough note. Parasites, bacteria, viruses, and other organisms are damaged, killed, or enable to propagate when they encounter the frequencies generated.

This device is battery-operated, and can provide a lifetime of use when the unit is charged.

Below are instructions for its use. It does require an extra inexpensive medium called a Homeopathic Remedy Box for storing the pathogenic frequencies. Many family members can share the Imprinter, but each needs their own Remedy Box. Both should be kept clean and preferable in a plastic baggie to minimize contaminants.
If you suspect the unit is ever malfunctioning, please return it to our office, and we will check it for free.

How to Use the Homeopathic Imprinter

Wipe down the brass plates with Hydrogen Peroxide or alcohol. If you have the Imprinter inside a small plastic baggie, wipe down the outside of the bag. The plates (and optional bag that covers the plates) need to remain clean from contaminants.
Turn Power on. Wait a few seconds.
Place one or two fingers on the Input plate.
Place the black Homeopathic Remedy Box on the Output plate.
Press the white Start button to activate the imprinter, and capture your body’s vibrations on the Homeopathic Remedy Box. After about 3 seconds the light will go off indicating it’s done.
Now move the Remedy Box to the Input plate and put your fingers on the Output plate. Press Start. This time it will feed the tremendously amplified vibrations back into your body tissues and neutralize bacteria, viruses, funguses, parasites, Candida, etc.
To continue having the Remedy Box attack particular toxins in your body, carry the Remedy Box on your person all day (and night if possible). Usually in a shirt or pants pocket. Carry it with you everywhere. It will continue to emanate the homeopathic vibrations necessary to keep those same toxins in check.

Repeat the process once a day since new toxins can constantly be introduced into your body, requiring the Remedy Box to be updated with the frequencies of whatever toxins you pick up as you go about.