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Autism is believed by many today to be simple to reverse if you know how.
But first read this excerpt below from Dan Olmstead from the website -

It’s a quick history of Autism that has a smoking gun . . .

The Truth About The Autism Epidemic in 15 Minutes or Less
by Dan Olmstead

Epidemics are simple, my colleague and co-author Mark Blaxill says. They have beginnings in time and place, they spread in ways that ultimately reveal their origins, and they end when their essence is understood and further cases are prevented.
The autism epidemic is no exception, although the medical-industrial complex wants you to think so, and the mainstream media is only too happy to grant their wish (and scoop up their ad dollars). [They say] Autism is a mystery, it’s genetic, but many genes, many, many genes and gene-environment interactions and something something about older moms and better awareness and Prozac and maybe freeways and diesel fuel and icky stuff like that.

No! That is not the ticket.

Autism represents a particular kind of environmental injury in susceptible children. It had a precise beginning, in the 1930s when the chemical compound that caused the first cluster, ethyl mercury, was first commercialized. It simmered along as that exposure remained fairly steady for half a century. Then, like a raisin in the sun, it exploded a half century later when one of the commercial uses of ethyl mercury — as a preservative in multi-dose childhood vaccines– was suddenly ramped up.

Other man-made toxins, and other exposures from organic mercury developed in the interval, and the CDC’s bloated, too many too soon vaccine schedule, no doubt kicked up the number of cases of early infant brain damage manifesting as the autistic behavioral syndrome. But the inauguration, and later the explosion, of ethyl mercury tracks clearly with the same trajectory as autism — a real twofer! In a sense it is a challenge-rechallenge situation, the kind of evidence scientists consider proof of causation but, because it is autism, have to claim is coincidence.

But because it is so simple, and ultimately self-evident, it doesn’t take very long to make the case - just under 15 minutes, actually. This summer, Mark, Teresa Conrick, Natalie Palumbo and I told the first part of the story in a 10 minute video titled, How Mercury Triggered The Age of Autism.

As you can see, there is an answer. There is a cause. Autism is a disease caused by toxins, especially metals.

The Lubecki Wellness Center in Sacramento, Ca has new European techniques and supplements that promote accelerated detoxing. If mercury is the culprit as Dan Olmstead suggests, then does it not make sense you must detox the mercury out of the body? These cutting edge European techniques have been shown in many places around the world to quickly reverse the symptoms of this seemingly mysterious malady.
And its painless.

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