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Scientists still don’t know much about the cause of fibromyalgia. Even less about treating it. But like most degenerative diseases, they suspect environmental sources and triggers. It’s likely they are right. But it’s not necessary to wait months or more likely years to find out which of the 80,000 chemicals in the US is the trigger. The source may not even be determined in our lifetime. And even if it is, and you suffer from Fibromyalgia, you will still need to get rid of it the only way possible . . . by detoxing the source chemical or toxins out of your body.

Fortunately, detox methods are all-encompassing. They get anything out that doesn’t belong in your body. For instance, there are many heavy metals, but a few simple techniques and chelating agents used here at the Lubecki Wellness Center can remove all of them. So does it really matter which one is the cause?

Let our clinic staff show you how to do a full body detox, and you may find Fibromyalgia receding, very quickly.

We have sometimes seen results in just a few days.

Call our clinic today to discuss the issues with Fibromyalgia.