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Lyme Disease

At last there is cure for Lyme disease. Several patients have come to the Lubecki Wellness Center to get learn how to get well easily and quickly.

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See the testimony letter below dated December, 2011:

[To the Staff at Lubecki Wellness Center]

My grandson and I came to see you in March 2011.

We both had been in treatment for Lyme’s disease for two years. His treatment started right away but I had it for probably 15 years, unknowingly.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me! I take very good care of myself and as my lifestyle improved, my health went the other way. Miscellaneous nutrient deficiencies, joint pain, fatigue, digestive difficulties, developing weakness and tendons and ligaments, brain fog. All subtle enough to help me think it was, as the doctor said, a normal part of aging.

But I knew better. Something was going on. After seeing a biological dentist finding out I had Spirochetes in my teeth, I finally had to accept they were everywhere. I began an intensive program of treating myself with a frequency generator, which worked, but slowly. As you know when the spirochetes die, they release neurotoxins, which can make one feel quite unwell, the Herxheimer reaction. So my life consisted mostly of detoxing, constantly, and doing what I could do to rebuild and repair the damage. And I continue to feel a little better after each treatment.

I thought I was doing pretty well until I came to see you. I was very surprised since I already own much of the equipment that you used, but you showed me how to use it better.

After spending one afternoon in your office, I feel better than I had in years! Well, as most everyone with Lyme Disease knows, this feeling really lasts. I kept waiting for the symptoms to return. Shockingly, six months later, I still felt well and I haven’t needed any further treatments. Now it is nine months later and I still feel well. I believe that it is entirely cured.

I know you were not surprised but I sure am! I would verify this with lab tests but have having worked in medicine for over 20 years, I know they are less than 50% reliable, so I am saving my money and enjoying my newfound health freedom.

One of the most amazing aspects of this was that there was no Herxheimer reaction at all to the treatments received your office.

Anyone with Lyme Disease knows this is a beautiful thing.

Bless you and your staff for all you do. It really feels like you are all on the same page there, really caring about people and whether they get better.

Thank you again . . . peace and all good
Debbie F