Lifetime of Back Pain Disappears Immediately

I first came to Dr Lubecki in 1983. I was 37 at the time. I had suffered with back pain, from top to bottom, headaches and numerous painful ribhead tears since childhood. At the time Dr. Lubecki adjusted my skull and atlas vertebra and my pain literally disappeared immediately. That night I slept without pain for the first time in years. The pain has never come back.

Previously I had been going to a chiropractor in Helena, Montana. His X-rays showed that I had scoliosis but subsequent X-rays showed that this had disappeared after the skull and atlas were adjusted.

For the past two years my eyesight has been deteriorating gradually, particularly in the right eye. My eyes became so weak that I could not read and found it difficult to watch television for any length of time. My eyes burned all day. They would water constantly and a thick fluid would ooze from the tear_ducts. Upon awakening in the morning my eyes would feel as if they were full of sand. I came back to Sacramento in early March of this year and was again checked by Dr Lubecki. He discovered that I had cadmium toxicity as well as other chemicals in my body. He asked me to lie under the soft laser which he said would remove these substances ‘from my system.

To my surprise my eyesight improved literally by fifty percent after this initial laser treatment. I have had three more laser treatments, spaced about one week apart, with noticeable improvement each time. I can now read for as long as I want and have no more irritation.

Dan Nelson

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