We are living in an age of unprecedented pollution. This has resulted in an epidemic of chronic conditions which hardly existed in the past. Some of the most common today are: Fibromyalgia, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Chronic Fatigue, Osteo Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, ADD, and ADHD. Recently there’s been many more cases of Autism in children, Alzheimer’s Disease in older people and, of course, the worst of them all, CANCER.

The cost of treating these diseases with drugs and the other modalities used by medicine is so staggering that it is quite literally threatening to ruin our country financially.

Surprisingly and quite unexpectedly, a solution to these problems appears to have been recently discovered. Health researchers, especially in Europe, have developed new methods of cleansing and detoxifying the body. As can be seen from the patient testimonials on our Success Stories page, it is almost uncanny that so many people suffering from modern, chronic conditions can be helped if their bodies can be cleansed adequately using the new methods.

Probably the two most exciting of these new discoveries in the field of detoxification are the new technology of Soft Lasers and Homeopathic Imprinter Devices.


Soft lasers, also called Low-level Lasers, are part of the new medical bio-stimulation technology.

The soft laser seems like the most modern and effective form of therapy discovered to date. It is widely used in Europe and increasing numbers of doctors in America are also beginning to avail themselves of this form of therapy. Using electro-diagnosis and muscle-testing, two new diagnostic methods which are far more accurate in many respects than traditional diagnostic procedures, European researchers have been able to discover that the soft laser has the following effects:

  1. When set at frequencies of 14 or lower the laser beam has a powerful healing effect on soft tissues such as muscles or tendons and especially on bones and teeth.
  2. When set at a frequency of 33 or higher, the laser removes or neutralizes heavy metals and many chemicals, and even seems to have an effect on viruses.

Since the soft laser beam removes or neutralizes cadmium, nickel, and mercury — the three most carcinogenic metals — for a long time it has been used successfully in Europe for treating cancer patients. Cadmium is most dangerous since it is believed to be many times more toxic than even lead or aluminum. German doctors found that once the above three poisonous metals had been removed, the immune system of cancer patients would strengthen dramatically, and cancer regression was often observed, as the tumors were reabsorbed by the body. In many cases all that was needed was one treatment with the soft laser.

Unfortunately this is no longer quite so easy, because cadmium, a very toxic and carcinogenic substance, has now appeared in so many foods that it is almost impossible to have a meal without becoming contaminated with cadmium. As a result the soft laser, although of great benefit, is often used in conjunction with another amazing technology – a Homeopathic Imprinter Device, usually just called an Imprinter.


To keep the body free of chemical contamination, cancer patients should also use the new homeopathic detox method after every meal. It should be clearly understood, however, that the homeopathic detox method cannot remove nickel or mercury from dental fillings. This can be done by a holistic dentist, or if that is not convenient, then daily treatment with the Low-level Laser should be done instead to help neutralize the metals in the body.

Just as the soft laser neutralizes toxic metals and chemicals in the body, it is believed that the Imprinter eliminates organic (that is, “living”) toxins. These would be bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites. It works on a similar principle to the way an opera singer may shatter delicate glass with the right high frequency. The Imprinter simply resonates an extremely high frequency through the cells of the body, literally killing or zapping many bacteria and viruses. Although the patient feels absolutely nothing, except quite often immediate relief, literally within minutes or a few hours. Occasionally over the next few days.


Lastly but just as important for detoxing the body is the requirement for a proper diet, assisted by cleansing the body with juices and periodic fasts. The Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, is the leading authority on nutrition and the health promoting properties of juicing and fasting. On their web site you can read the stories of people who recovered from just about every known condition when their bodies were cleansed and given the benefits of ideal, natural nutrition. The nutritional protocol developed by the Hippocrates Institute is the result of close to a hundred years of treating sick patients. It is so successful, that people come to be healed from all over the world: Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.