Multiple Cancers

I was first diagnosed with cancer in 1985. The doctor told me I had seven tumors in my breasts and recommended a double mastectomy, chemo, and radiation. He said that I probably had about six to nine months to live.

A friend told me about a clinic in Greece where they were using natural methods and I decided to go there. By the time I arrived in Greece I had lymphatic cancer, liver cancer, and the breast tumors. The doctor in the clinic told me that cancer is a symptom of a weak immune system and he put me on a program of immune boosting injections for thirty days. I went back three years in a row and afterwards I was in total remission. There was no further sign of cancer until 1996. That year I developed a very large tumor in my right breast. I tried various remedies myself: cleansing programs, homeopathic remedies, cobalt tablets, laetrile injections, and vitamins.

By 1999 I had another tumor, this time it was in my brain; a melanoma in six places, a huge tumor in my liver. I started having very severe headaches, high fevers, and became bedridden for months.

I first came to Dr. Lubecki in December of 1999 and spent two weeks in his clinic. We used the homeopathic detox, the dome, soft laser and the desensitization acupressure method. I felt immediately better and my headaches and fever stopped the first day. After two weeks, the breast tumor disappeared entirely and an MRI showed no tumor in the brain. My liver also returned to normal size. I am improving all the time and feeling stronger, better, and have regained my appetite. When I was very ill, previously, I often could not eat for days and even drinking water made me nauseous. I frequently threw up.

I hope I will never have any further trouble with cancer.

D. Williams

Redding, California

April 2, 2000

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