Pet Tumor Disappears

Dear Dr. Lubecki,

I wanted to thank you for saving our family pet. I hope that by sharing our story, other people and their pets may also benefit from the detoxification program you shared with us. It has made a miraculous difference in our dog, her arthritis, and the disappearance of a cancerous tumor.

Our story…

In June 1997, Fighter had a 1-1/2” tumor on the left side of her mouth. Our family veterinarian said it would cost $789.00 for an x-ray, surgical removal, hospitalization, and biopsy of the tumor. I went to another vet and had it surgically removed for $280.00. The tumor grew back in one month to the same size. The vet explained that they probably didn’t get one of the tumor veins and so it grew back. He removed it surgically again and there was a $97.00 charge for the hospital stay, anesthesia and medicine. Early October, I again noticed a tumor in a different area in front below her tongue. I also noticed that she seemed to be losing weight. I took her to the vet again and he did a biopsy of the tumor. The lab report indicates a diagnosis of ‘spindled cell sarcoma.’ Comments indicate ‘high mitotic activity: very aggressive growth pattern, high potential for further locally invasive growth and up to moderate potential for metastasis.’ At that time he said he couldn’t do anything more and didn’t have the facilities to do radiation or chemotherapy. The pathologist report had come from University of California, Davis and he suggested that perhaps they had facilities to further treat the tumor.

My sister and my mother had attended a demonstration of the detoxification with homeopathic remedies at Dr. Lubecki’s office and told me about it. With my background as a pharmacy technician, I have doubts about ’alternatives’ that are not as familiar to me as are traditional pharmaceutical products. I clearly had many doubts and wonders as to the healing power that would make Fighter well again. I knew the outcomes of radiation and chemotherapy and was not willing to put her under the stress and pain of those treatments. I would rather see her rest in peace after fourteen years of being such a good companion and friend.

Fighter’s tumor was so large that she had difficulty closing her teeth to eat and was losing a noticeable amount of weight. The odor from her mouth was significant. She cried, trying to get up after napping, and was unable to walk without difficulty (similar to an elderly person with arthritis). I told my sister I was afraid to leave her and come back to find out that she died while we were gone and was considering having her put to sleep.

My sister Paula is always finding ‘different’ treatments! Paula went to another meeting and asked Dr. Lubecki to explain again how it worked on animals. She asked when animals could come to the office and he said only after hours on Saturday and that he would be out of town the next Saturday. Knowing that I was considering having Fighter put to sleep, she explained the situation and asked if we could come that night. She called from Dr. Lubecki’s office about 9:30am and said Dr. Lubecki would be able to make a box if I came right away.

The first thing Dr. Lubecki did was use a homeopathic Imprinter on Fighter, and also create a small homeopathic remedy container that Fighter would wear and sleep with.

Dr Lubecki did some other analysis to test Fighters immune system and sent us home.

My husband’s interpretation to my mother was that Paula came home with a “voodoo box” for Fighter.

But as soon as we got home Fighter was out running around with the kids. (He has been amazed as well!)

We followed the plan consistently and in a few days noticed that Fighter no longer howled in the morning because she hurt and she walked with less difficulty. In about 10 days the tumor in her mouth had reduced in size and the odor diminished. She was eating without difficulty, and her normal personality was returning.

We went to Hawaii for two weeks and left fighter with my niece, still I had worries, but also hope. By the time we returned, you could hardly see a lump in her mouth and she had much more energy. Within a month, the lump had disappeared. We continue to follow the detoxification plan with the box of homeopathic remedies. We first visited Dr. Lubecki the first week of November. It’s been 4-1/2 months now and the tumor is still gone. She is able to play with the children without pain and has much greater quality of life. We are all happy to have her with us.

As you can see, Lori’s doubts turned to hope and belief; she now shares the good news. My mother and I also have our homeopathic remedy ‘boxes.’ Our pains were not as significant, and we are not as consistent in putting our food on the box or putting it on our bodies, but we also feel the benefits. My mother is particularly pleased with the relief she gets from bursitis.

We all thank you and hope our sharing will help others,

Paula Jacobs
Lori Corder

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