Prostate Cancer Gone in 2 months

Dear Dr. Lubecki,

I am writing this letter because I hope it will be shared with others who come in contact with your work. In 2005 I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer (9 on a Gleason scale of 10). My stepfather’s prostate cancer had just metastasized and fearing a similar outcome with aggressive cancer, I was convinced that removing my prostate would protect me. I also had a round of radiation after the surgery because the cancer ended up being on the margins.

In September, 2008 my PSA once again was rising and I chose to be treated at a clinic in Houston that was having good results with curing prostate cancer. Unfortunately, none of this was covered by insurance, so, $40,000 and several months later I had dropped from 190 pounds down to 169 lbs. and I was feeling awful. That is when I had a mild TIA stroke. My wife was so concerned she insisted I get off the medication that I was on with thoughts that it might have contributed to the stroke.

My PSA in September of 2009 was now at 17.9 and rising. My local oncologist wanted me to go on Lupron, the standard treatment for prostate cancer. My unwillingness in the past to go down this road was a result of horrible hot flashes that I experienced having a Lupron shot prior to my prostate being removed. However, there didn’t seem to be many choices left for treatment until that same month we went to an alternative cancer convention at Universal City and met you. You proceeded to place me under your large laser machine explaining that it would neutralize heavy metals in my system that could possibly be causing the cancer. My wife also bought your imprint machine which we started using daily. The imprint machine would get rid of toxins we are exposed to daily.

I was still scheduled to begin my first Lupron shot a month later in October. First I had another PSA test taken expecting it to be either staying the same with help from your treatments or rising if they were not working. To my doctor’s surprise and mine, the PSA had dropped in ½ down to 8.9. He was shocked, but agreed since the numbers were going down there would be no need to start the Lupron. He suggested I take another PSA test in January. Not wanting to chance a bad lab work-up I decided to have another PSA test in December in case the numbers were rising. This time the results were even more astonishing. My PSA was 0.5 meaning that my cancer was basically gone in two months!

I am so pleased that we found you and I have to say that I feel great. Our visit with you in January 2010 for a follow-up treatment revealed some other things that I could do to also help me recover from and prevent a future stroke. I will be seeing you, again, in the future. Thank you again,

Most sincerely,
RW Chapman
Santa Barbara, CA
January 10, 2010

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