Rectal Cancer Reoccurrence

Anne S. from Paris, France developed a large, fast growing tumor in her rectum several years ago. The MDs wanted to operate and give her a colostomy. That scared her to death. She ran away to Greece where the doctor told her that her immune system was weak. He gave her immune boosting shots and her tumor went away. It came back nine months later. This time she went to Guatemala for six weeks to a doctor who had been jailed in the US for using alternative methods. This doctor used a Rife machine, colonics, juices, and immune shots. After six weeks, she felt very well and the doctor told her she no longer had cancer, although her tumor was still there, but apparently not active. The doctor told her she could go back to Paris, France. Within two months the cancer came back and the tumor in her rectum was growing “like a mushroom.”

She now contacted Bill Henderson, the author of the book, Cancer Free, and he advised her to come here to Lubecki Wellness Center. As soon as we removed the pathogens with the Imprinter and the heavy metals (cadmium, nickel, and mercury) with our full-body low-level laser there was an immediate, big improvement and the tumor stopped growing. It was explained to her that getting her well was ‘a piece of cake’ and if she could follow the few simple protocols that were suggested, that it was impossible to fail. However, after a week she came in very upset and told me that the cancer was a lot worse and getting bigger again. I told her that this was absolutely impossible and checked to see what was happening. It turned out that she had spent half an hour on her cell phone the previous night talking to her husband in Paris. The cell phone had reactivated the mercury and caused her already oversensitive body to go into shock. Once again the full-body laser deactivated the mercury and she was a lot better immediately. Everything went well for another week and the tumor kept shrinking rapidly.

Then suddenly there was a violent set back. When I tested her, Anne showed signs of mercury poisoning. Where did the mercury come from?? She was eating nothing but peaches, drinking freshly made juices and taking organic supplements. I was at a complete loss until her son told me that she had taken ‘three puffs on his cigarette.’ I tested the cigarette and found that it had mercury in it. The amount of mercury she had inhaled must have been so small that it was hard to conceive how this could have caused any problem. And yet, it caused a violent reaction and an immediate, strong aggravation of her condition. Once again, the tumor was growing rapidly. This time we used the smaller handheld Soft Laser and this corrected everything at once. She almost immediately felt a lot better.

After a short period of time, Anne was feeling well and she said she could no longer continue the diet. She ‘had to have some real food.’ So, she went to a restaurant and ate some mushrooms, which also contained mercury. The same thing happened again and there was the same violent reaction. There was a violent aggravation of her condition. This time I told her to use the Soft Laser by herself and all her symptoms immediately stopped. When Anne saw this she promised to use the Soft Laser over her head and neck twice a day for three minutes every day. She sent us an email two weeks after she returned to France and said that the tumor had by now gone and she was feeling well. She had cleaned the house for the first time. Anne thanked us for saving her life.

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