Severe Horseback Accident

In June of 2005, when I was 15 years old, I suffered a very severe horseback riding accident. During the ride my horse and I were faced with having to jump three obstacles downhill. My horse stumbled badly after the second obstacle. This mistake caused him to fall into the third jump. When he attempted to stand up my foot was caught in the stirrup. I was dragged a few feet and my face slammed into a post. Then luckily, my foot slipped out of the stirrup, and it appeared that I was not badly hurt.

I then began running three times a week with my mother, but after a few weeks I started experiencing sharp shooting pains in my left side–ribcage. At first we disregarded this as “just an ache,” but as the pain became worse we began thinking there had to be something more seriously wrong.

At the age of 15 I found myself being treated by numerous MDs all of whom eventually said they had no idea what the problem was. They disregarded the fact that my left ribcage was badly deformed and sent me for numerous blood tests and two CT scans. All the test results were negative and the CT scans showed nothing. I was also given many anti-inflammatory drugs but without any success. When we went to these doctors we were certain our health insurance would pay, so it was a great shock when we were told a few months later that the insurance would pay nothing. My mother, herself, had to pay all the charges: $1,400.00 per CT scan and about $200.00 for every doctor visit; even if the visit was only to inform us that the results of the tests were negative.

The pain was so bad that I could not run, workout, or ride my horse. Sleeping was also difficult and the pain often woke me up.

Since nothing the doctors did helped I decided to try chiropractic treatments. During the next two years I saw two chiropractors. They charged enormous fees to try and cure my everlasting pain, but without any success.

After taking x-rays of my back the first chiropractor told us that I had a very serious problem and it would take him a whole year to bring all my misalignments back to normal. I had to come in three times a week for the first four months, then twice a week for four months, and once a week for the remainder—a total of close to 100 adjustments. This cost $50.00 or a total of almost $5,000.00. However, the doctor said that if my mother paid in advance he would agree to settle for only $1,900.00. My mother gave him a check for that sum. This doctor used an “activator,” a small device for correcting misalignments.

The second chiropractor also took x-rays of my entire spine and told us that nothing had changed, and that he would now try to correct my problems with manual adjustments, since this method would be more likely to be successful. He agreed to a year’s treatments for $1,800.00.At every visit, also a total of about 100 adjustments, he adjusted many areas of my neck and back and I could hear my bones crack as they were adjusted. But, at the end of the year I was worse instead of better.

Recently, a close friend advised me to see Dr. Lubecki. The doctor explained that if the skull and atlas were adjusted my entire spine would straighten out and all misalignments would correct themselves immediately. To my amazement after his adjustment the pain stopped at once and I have been pain free for the first time in years. Dr. Lubecki has helped me tremendously in solving my problem which no other doctor could do anything for. I am now riding again after two years of being unable to get on a horse. I could not thank him enough for all this help.

It seems like a miracle.

Kimberly Cobb

December 30, 2008

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