Shoulder Pain Gone – Surgery Cancelled

In the autumn 2005 I began developing right shoulder pain. At first it was mild and I kept hoping it would soon go away, but instead of getting better it gradually became worse, and eventually I was no longer able to continue with my job as a secretary. Since I had not had any accidents or trauma of any kind the doctor I went to attributed the pain to my spending too much ‘time sitting at the computer. He advised pain medications and muscle relaxants but when there was no Improvement. I was sent to physical therapy. But the therapies they used produced no Improvement so the doctor did an MRI and CT scan,

The results of both of these. tests were negative and after a year of waiting for the pain to go away the doctors decided that perhaps lf l had carpal tunnel surgery this might help. But the surgery did nothing and the pain gradually became worse. We waited another six months but when nothing happened the doctor scheduled me for shoulder surgery. They said that I needed rotator cuff repair because a CT scan and MRI of the shoulder appeared to show some degree of damage to the ligaments. The surgery was scheduled for the end of August of 2007.

I also went to a chiropractor who said that he believed that he could help me but his treatments produced no change. I went to him three times a Week for several months.

Two weeks before, the surgery a friend advised me to go to Dr. Lubecki, a chiropractor in Fair Oaks, which is part of Sacramento the capital city of California. I said that I did not want to go since I had lost faith in chiropractic and It also meant having to drive over a hundred miles. But she urged me very strongly saying that Dr. Lubecki l had helped several people she knew who had chronic problem that nobody could do anything for.

Dr. Lubecki explained that my pain was most probably caused by my head slipping off center on my spine. I found this hard to believe and I felt very skeptical but agreed to have him take X-rays of my neck. To my amazement when my neck and skull had been adjusted all the pain stopped immediately and for the first time In two years I was able to raise my arm above my head without any discomfort. Since the pain did not come back I cancelled the surgery and two weeks later I was able to go back to work again. Six months have now passed and I have not had any further trouble. This nothing but a miracle, I just wish I had had the adjustment as soon as the pain started. I would not have wasted all thiS time and I would also be a lot better off financially.

Rhonda Cooper

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