Below you will find testimonials and amazing stories of clients who have reported to us wonderful results when the Lubecki Detox Protocol was used. As you will see many of these customers tell of immediate results and the boosting of their immune system at the first or second visit. It is believed by most doctors that the immune system is truly the only thing that can cure or heal disease. You too may find an overall improvement in your own condition if you follow the healthy lifestyle and wellness protocols we can teach you.

Note: Many are attributing these positive changes to the revolutionary new European Detox Therapies. However, these are simply personal observations and opinions of clients. They are for informational purposes only and may not necessarily reflect the conclusions by our staff.

Loydene – Scoliosis Treatment

Jim R. – Seattle, Wa: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Leyla B.– Sacramento, Ca: Asthma for 40 years… Gone

Susan G. – Sacramento, Ca: Brain Cancer

Sara B. – Sacramento, Ca: Sudden Leg Paralysis

Connie K. – Oregon: MRSA Infection

Lana B. – Thousand Oaks, Ca: Chronic Fatigue

Suzanne D.– Citrus Heights, Ca: Asthma and Arthritis both reverse

Nancy – SoCal: Ovarian Cancer

Myrtle G. – Citrus Heights, Ca: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Debbie M. – Missouri: Parkinson’s

Ed S. – Fair Oaks, Ca: Severe Burns

Teresa – Illinois: Fibroid Cystic Breast Lump