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Testimonial Kevin P.

I saw Dr John Lubecki for the fourth time today. The first time was early in 2007 when a friend brought me to see him and I was given an ionic foot bath, the second time he treated me for an infection later in 2007, and the third time was last Friday. Recently, I had been struggling with low energy, pain in my left clavicle, and confused / muddled thinking. I had gone to the doctor over and over for the last 13 years, including different chiropractors, them not being able to find anything wrong with me, except slightly elevated triglycerides on occasion, and a “crooked spine”, which was treated by multiple visits to the chiropractor. When I saw Dr Lubecki last Friday, I received an ionic foot bath, and an adjustment of the atlas vertebra which is directly under the skull. I also received three homeopathic boxes which he explained to me had to be imprinted with my physical vibrations on an imprinting machine - one for allergies, the second for detox and the third for radiation.

I am excited to say that all of my symptoms have now vanished, or have been greatly reduced, after my second treatment. The low energy went away the first time I went to see him and he used the vibrational machine and homeopathic boxes to clear away energy interference. The pain in my left clavicle went away when he used his hand to adjust the atlas. And the confused / muddled thinking is rapidly vanishing after doing the ionic foot baths and detoxification regimen he has had me on in less than a week.

I have now purchased the homeopathic imprinting machine, the low-level laser, 3 of the homeopathic remedy boxes, and several supplements and liquids to follow the regimen he has me on. All of these things are worth every penny, since they will keep me healthy for the rest of my life, and I believe I will never get sick because of them. The only thing left to purchase is the cream for my callouses, scars and feet. This, he says, will clear away any further vibrational / energetic interference in my body, ensuring I won’t get sick.

Miraculous is the only word to describe Dr Lubecki’s techniques. I hope many more people discover him and have their pain and imbalances relieved.

Kevin P.