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Testimonial Laurie P.

Hi Dr. Lubecki, thank you so much for calling last night. Once again you have proven what a wonderful doctor you are - always going above and beyond what others do.

I wanted to share the results with you after seeing my tongue doctor. I was diagnosed with malignant neoplasm of the tongue in 2002. Many cuttings and laser burnings over the years has left my tongue mis-shapened but still there.

Praise the Lord! It has gotten better and worse over the years including carcinoma in situ, and a white covering (don't remember the name they call it) but the ulcer site has never really gone away.

My tongue doctor told me we needed to stop playing catch-up and be aggressive. I asked him if I could have some time and see if I could do better doing my own thing. He said okay and gave me a couple of months. I went home determined to do everything I could to keep from having a graft from my cheek transplanted onto my tongue. So I went to work to stop the cancer with the low-level laser and homeopathic imprinter. It is hard to sit with your mouth open but you said to use the laser directly on my tongue, so that's what I did. For well over a year! The doctor said I looked great, and even better: there was no lesion, white spots, or anything that looked bad under his orange light. I was doing cart wheels.

My tongue was healed, I had no more cancer. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Look forward to seeing you in the future. Take care.

Laurie P.