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Testimonial Mavi D.

When I was sixteen I began having serious back trouble. My entire back began hurting so badly that my mother took me to the hospital. X-rays showed I had scoliosis, like the letter S. The pain was so bad that I even fainted on several occasions.

To get some relief I tried going to a total of eight different chiropractors over the next forty years. Their adjustments did sometimes give me a degree of relief, but within an hour or two the pain would be back. I went to one of these chiropractors three or four times a week for over a year.
Sometimes the pain would be so bad that I could not breathe and I passed out several times. My pelvis was so badly tilted that I always felt as if I was falling to the right. This went on for close to forty-five years, without a single pain free day.

In the autumn of 2007 a friend suggested that I go and see Dr. Lubecki, a chiropractor in Fair Oaks. He said that Dr. Lubecki had helped him with a chronic condition no other doctor was able to do anything about. To my amazement when Dr. Lubecki adjusted my atlas vertebra and my skull, my twisted pelvis immediately evened out and my scoliosis disappeared. The pain of over forty years also stopped. I tried not to but I couldn't help crying when I thought of all the years of suffering I had been through.

Since the adjustment I have not only been pain free but I can also stand for long periods without discomfort. This is nothing short of a miracle. I thank God that I have finally found a solution to my problems.

Mavi D.