Tongue and Colon Cancer

In January of 1999 my friend Blanca Munoz was diagnosed with tongue cancer. She was given radiation treatments once a day for four weeks and then, when the tumor showed no signs of shrinking, another three weeks of radiation treatments twice a day. She had the maximum radiation possible. Her tongue and neck became a dark black color. However, in spite of the vigorous radiation treatments a biopsy showed the tumor to still be malignant and there was no reduction in its size. Shortly after this, Blanca was diagnosed with colon cancer and this new tumor was removed surgically. She was given a colostomy and, since she was unable to put food in her mouth because of the pain, a feeding tube was inserted into her stomach.

She was now started on the hospice program and a morphine pump was inserted into her left arm. She was given 20 units of morphine a day to reduce pain. Since Blanca was now declared terminal and the doctors could find no further solutions, I began treating her myself with herbal tinctures, food supplements, castor oil packs, herbal poultices, reflexology, herbal teas, and a lot of prayer.

About two months ago I happened to see one of Dr. Lubecki’s books, “Living Without Pain,” at a garage sale in Medford, OR. I purchased the book for a quarter. I showed the book to a friend who was suffering with back pain and after he tried some of the recommended procedures her pain stopped for the first time. I called Dr. Lubecki’s office and ordered all his books. After reading these books, I took Blanca down to Dr. Lubecki’s office in Fair Oaks, California. We arrived on March 24, 2000. Dr. Lubecki told us that the main problem with cancer patients is a weakness of the immune system. He adjusted Blanca’s atlas and skull and gave her a homeopathic detox box to use. She is being placed regularly under a soft laser and given regular desensitization treatments to all foods and anything she comes in contact with. Within a week the tumor appears to have shrunk by about 60-70%. She now has hardly any pain and, for the first time in a year, is able to place food in her mouth. She is eating papayas and avocados. She has gained three pounds, is a lot stronger, and looks a lot better—she weighed 80 pounds when she arrived (her normal weight is 120). We have been able to cut her morphine in half, without any increase in pain. It is hoped that she can be taken off morphine altogether in a week or two. We are very optimistic and are praying for a complete healing.

William Sherrill, friend of Blanca R. Munoz

Medford, Oregon

March 31, 2000

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