The Lubecki Wellness Center staff utilize the following treatments for helping their patients:

All of this equipment is available for purchase or rental from our clinic.

Homeopathic treatments are remedies which are imprinted with the greatly magnified vibrations of whatever we want to get rid of or remove from the body. For instance, if a person has a virus the vibrations of the virus are imprinted on the homeopathic remedy and the person is advised to take the remedy several times. The remedy (lactose pellets are most commonly used since they will retain the magnified vibrations indefinitely), is placed under the tongue and when the magnified vibrations emanating from the remedy come in contact with the virus they appear to kill it. A few doses are usually enough to get rid of the symptoms and presumably also the virus.

Recently it was discovered that homeopathic remedies act a lot faster and they are a lot more effective if they are not put under the tongue but are simply placed in close contact with the body, usually in a pocket. Since the vibrations are electrical they instantly spread throughout the body and they appear to get rid of infections in just a few seconds. Presumably, when the microorganism is bombarded with its own greatly magnified vibrations it cannot survive for any length of time. After only a few seconds it disintegrates and dies. The same principle seems to apply to viruses, bacteria, intestinal parasites, chemicals and candida. People who have their own homeopathic imprinter and use it regularly often notice considerable improvements in health. Since many conditions are caused by bacteria, viruses, chemicals, intestinal parasites and yeasts these people frequently report such improvements as: more energy, fewer headaches, less back pain, fewer infections, improved digestion, less muscle pain, better concentration, etc.

It certainly appears that there are so many micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites) in our environment that it is very hard to be healthy if one does not use a homeopathic imprinter regularly. If you have your neck adjusted, do the back exercises regularly, rub your scars, take supplements and use the imprinter regularly you can probably prevent many health problems.