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Testimonial Bonnie S.

Hi, my name is Bonnie. 30 years ago I was in excruciating pain. For 2 years the MD's prescribed many different treatments, medicines and injections. None of them were effective and my pain continued to worsen. Then, I met Dr. Lubecki. He put me on an immediate treatment program. After 3 days of following his recommendations, my pain was GONE! I continued following his recommendations and have not had pain since.

Today, I am seeing him because a blood test revealed I have high liver enzymes. My MD told me if I didn't get the enzymes down, it would be very bad. I immediately called Dr. Lubecki and he told me to come in. After a brief evaluation he put me on a treament program. I feel great and will continue with follow-up with blood tests and Dr. Lubecki. His care is true, honest, effective help.